Men in Sheds on World Mental Health Day 10 Oct. 2011

On 10th Oct. 2011 the Men in Sheds Greenwich joined in the celebration of World Mental Health Day in Woolwich Town. Sharing a stand with Age Concern Greenwich Men in Sheds displayed the crafts that were made by the Men in Sheds. Some orders were also made on that day as we promoted the project, invited more people to participate in the activities at the shed. It was a successful event, thanks to all who turned up and also those who worked behind the scene.


3 Responses to Men in Sheds on World Mental Health Day 10 Oct. 2011

  1. Glo says:

    Love the site Leonard, well done and well done everyone who is involved in the project. Long may it last and grow.

  2. meninsheds says:

    Thanks for your supportive comment. We will be doing some maintenance on the site shortly and may go offline temporarily. But we will be back online as soon as possible.


  3. meninsheds says:

    Glo, thank you for the comment and encouragement. Please tell your friends and supporters about us and also those who may want to join us at our Eltham shed.

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